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Bride & Prejudice (2004) is a pun to make Jane Austen moan and wriggle beneath the north aisle of Winchester Cathedral.What to make of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging?I approached with a mixture of dread and resignation. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for any and all films targeted at teenage girls, but this is better than most.Chadha hasn't just set out to please fans of the books, but to make a John Hughes film for the Noughties. Our heroine is 14-year-old Georgia (Georgia Groome), whose aims in life are much the same as any 14-year-old's: to give herself a makeover, bag a cute guy at school, and prevent her parents (Alan Davies and Karen Taylor) bickering their way to a divorce. What's fresh is Georgia herself, who's somewhere between a walking disaster area - a few minutes in, she has accidentally shaved off half an eyebrow - and the most refreshingly honest teen hero this side of Adrian Mole.You can perform this circuit of 4 exercises to get a glimpse of his workout.

When Robbie and his brother Tom start going to the same school as the girls, Georgia and her best friend Jas see their chance for boyfriends and move in quickly.It's based on a very popular series of books by Louise Rennison, but something about every element of that title suggests tea-time TV for 13-year-old girls, a garish present from Auntie Beeb, probably in the early Nineties.Angus is a tormented pet cat who keeps being squished into lace bonnets and having spaghetti draped over his face.Farmer’s Walk Here, you need to walk with heavy dumbbells in each hand.Gurinder Chadha's films are almost always better than you think they're going to be, possibly thanks to their horribly inane titles. (2000) sounds like a dumbed-down translation of a bad Singaporean romcom.

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