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The reade"We have serious work ahead to ensure that college campuses not only understand the full set of legal issues around free speech but also embrace the need for robust representation and debate across the political spectrum.

Those on the right who have used invitations to controversial speakers to create headlines rather than foster intellectual exchange have in turn used the thinnest of procedural reeds to undermine the real substance of free speech as well.""In other words, the Free Speech Movement activists hated liberalism, properly understood: they had no use for free speech-their sponsorship of it was nothing but a useful tool to advance their radical politics." [Ed note: that would be the FSM support of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.]"Mr.

While its remote location and expensive, exclusively-Continental airfares can be daunting, Pohnpei more than delivers for those seeking a uniquely Micronesian experience.

Since it’s nearly impossible to find insider information about living in Pohnpei (just try running a google search on a place where Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” is just now topping the charts), I thought I’d share some thoughts.

Lawrence is graduating this summer, nearly a year early, a decision reinforced by how Berkeley has dealt with the turmoil.

'I don't want to be on a campus where I'm looking over my shoulder all the time, but the people I'm constantly looking over my shoulder for can stand on the steps of Sproul' -- where the Free Speech Movement was born, in 1964 -- 'and give a press conference.' ¶ 'Everyone just kind of wants to keep their head down, and the administration is really hypocritical about what's going on, for all their talk about wellness and campus climate.

As far as I can tell, this is just a place where you have to learn to breathe a little differently.

Trois ans avant la venue du pasteur Martin Luther King, cet homme de 22 ans qui rêvait de devenir prêtre harangue 4 000 étudiants.

Il a les cheveux en bataille mais des idées claires.

It is home to the ka tree (Terminalia carolinensis) found only in Pohnpei and Kosrae.

The highest point of the island is Mount Nanlaud at 772 or 782 metres.

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