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'I don't think I'd have been able to stomach it,' she admits'He hated pink, which is my favourite colour.

I always wanted a pink bag, but he'd say, "No, it's pink, put it away".

'I'm not at the stage where I want that set-up'One man decided he wanted to pay the fees for her to finish her degree and set her up in her own London flat – but she backed out as she didn't feel '100 per cent comfortable' about him and his intentions.

Try to be understanding that their plans will often change.

And it is entirely possible to see your significant other frequently if you make time for it – I currently see my fiancé at least every other day, and if we can’t see each other in person then we talk on the phone.

Contrary to popular belief, medical school doesn’t require you to live in a cave and never see other people. Some of my classmates love relaxing and watching movies with their boyfriend/girlfriend to de-stress, and others love getting outside to run or hike together.

Meanwhile, the people you interviewed with are entering their top picks into the same system.

Basically, every medical student undergoes a pretty werewolf-like transformation during exam months. Have a chocolate constantly handy, and make sure your January and June is packed with events - they're gonna get lonely.

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