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He was aware that this preference for a slim build was ”quite bad” but was apparently unaware that saying he wasn’t really “into” mixed race girls might also be problematic.

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Feel free to call us with queries about your campaign needs. While, in the future, I may direct those who tell me ‘I’m just not into Asian girls’ towards this documentary, I may well just stick with my current response: ‘Well I’m just not into racists – so this has worked out perfectly’.Because I’m not really in the business of trying to woo closeted white supremacists , which aired last night.I’ve found that even those who consider themselves to be liberal-minded and absolutely-not-racist can be highly defensive about their right to express feelings like “I only fancy white girls” or “I’m not into black guys”.It’s not racist, they insist, it’s just their preference and nothing can be done about it.

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