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I believe in giving rewards along the way for younger students giving them mini goals to work for. I've have enjoyed playing professionally since I was 12. I love inspiring all the gifts that playing the piano can bring to your life! Cancellations of 24 hours notice will have a makeup lesson scheduled if possible. After an initial assessment I explain which lesson book(s) we will be working from, and why. I explain very well, and include music theory in every lesson. I am compelled to teach anyone and everyone who has the desire to learn.

I also let them have bigger goals of a trophy that can be earned as they accomplish more. Payment is due in full for the entire month by the 7th of the month. 30 minute lessons are 45 minute lessons are 60 minute lessons are Etc. I answer all questions and assign homework and practice pages. I attend music symposium's, concerts and musicals. I'm extremely patient and always respectful and kind to my students so lessons are always enjoyable.

This high school completion program is designed for busy working adults who do not have a high school diploma from the U. Even if you decide not to go on to college, your High School Diploma can qualify you for new career fields.

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