Accommodating religious beliefs canada

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Balvir Singh Multani and his son, Gurbaj Singh Multani, are orthodox Sikhs.

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This is not necessarily challenging the request, but seeking clarification.

Including best practices in the policy as a guideline is always helpful.

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In December 2001, the school board, the Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys ("Commission scolaire"), initially advised that Gurbaj could wear his kirpan to school provided that it was sealed inside his clothing. The school board's decision was reversed in March 2002.

After review, the Commission scolaire decided that Gurbaj could not wear the kirpan to school, no matter how it was secured. In a unanimous ruling the Supreme Court of Canada upholds the decision of a Board of Inquiry which ruled that the Board of School Trustees, District No.

15 discriminated with respect to a public service because it failed to take appropriate action against a teacher, Malcolm Ross, who made repeated public attacks on Jewish people.

There are very few cases in which Canadian courts, tribunals or arbitrators have actually found that it would create “undue hardship” to permit an employee to observe his or her weekly Sabbath, although there have been some.

One recognized exception would be if the employer was looking to hire a person specifically to work on the Sabbath day.

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